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Tusks.io provides you with all software you need for your production. Everything in one software running in the cloud. No isolated applications or difficult integration. No worries about installation, backup, update etc.
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Cloud Based

All advantages of a cloud service. No hassle with installation, backup, data retention, client maintenance, upgrades, scalability etc.

Mobile Friendly

Use it on site from tablets or on TV screens. Keep an eye on your production from your mobile device at home.


Use simple and intuitive software that just works. Forget about time consuming training.


Have tons of production orders and sensor data right at your fingertips in no time.


Available in multiple languags. Use a different language for every user.


Run all from a single application without any integration into machines or ERP system by choice.

Simple Integration

Integrate your existing ERP system, PLCs or DCS etc. with the power of node-red and an intuitive API.



The dashboard offers various widgets to monitor and control your production. They can be configured as you need them. Setup different dashboards for monitoring, analysis and control. Choose from dozens of widgets.

Materials, Orders and Recipes

Get all your data based on your production orders. See order progress and performance in real time or search already processed orders. See which orders are planned next. Book times and quantities for operations and components. Either manual or through integration of e.g. PLCs.

Workflows and Phases

Use Workflows to model your production processes. All analyzes will be based on the timing captured with your workflows.


See timeseries data of your production meters such as temperature, counter, weighers and many more. All data is accessible by time, order, material or shift. Set limits and targets for every meter.

KPIs and OEE

Analyze and improve your production with a lot of usefull KPIs such as OEE. Filter all KPIs by time, order, material or shift with a few clicks. See all charts based on your organization hierarchy. View your data for the whole company or for a single machine.


Test 30 days for free.

Explore tusks.io risk free without any fees in the first 30 days.

There are no restrictions on the number of users, the amount of data or the number of access.
More plans will be available soon. Please contact sales@tillner.ch if you have any questions.

  • Dashboards
  • Order Managment
  • Workflows
  • Meters
  • KPIs
  • Shift Recording
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